Many organizations rely upon their Volunteers to undertake tasks that help the efforts of the Organization and its Members. By becoming an LLU Volunteer, you can do your part to help accomplish our unified goals!

If you want to see change occur more quickly, if you want to see LLU succeed in its overall mission, then one of the best ways to do so is to give of your time and become a part of the LLU Volunteer Team!

Currently, we have a few very important Volunteer roles to fill:

  • Volunteer Coordinator: This very special person would have a definite “Mom Complex.” The Volunteer Coordinator will recruit, train, supervise, an encourage the entire Volunteer Staff. This is not a paid position as of yet, but we hope that one day, with sufficient funding, the Volunteer Coordinator will be a paid position. For now, though, we need the right person with the will and the heart and the time to build our Volunteer Staff and keep it running smoothly!
  • Legal Coordinator: The ideal person for this important Volunteer position will have some administrative skills. This Volunteer will keep the communication between LLU, the Law firms, the pro-bono legal researchers, and the clients flowing smoothly and with confidentiality. This is of major importance at this time when we are actively pursuing our “92 County Lawsuit Initiative.”
  • Facebook Admins and Moderators: CLLU is currently starting up County CLLU Groups to grow our numbers, and more importantly, to start the process of holding local authorities accountable to the Constitution. This means that all 92 Indiana County CLLU groups will need at least one Administrator and one Moderator. We need 184 of you guys to watch over your respective County’s CLLU Facebook page!
  • Fundraising Volunteers: Do you know how Not-for-Profit Organizations survive? That’s right – Fundraising. But we prefer to call this “Contributions,” since those who give of their money are Contributors to our efforts! The Fundraising Volunteers will find ways to solicit contributions and in so doing will help LLU to achieve its annual base operating funds. Talk about important!

There are, and will continue to be, more Volunteer roles of every conceivable nature. Those listed above are simply the most pressing at this time.

If you wish to become a LLU Volunteer, please send an email to: along with your name, phone number, and a description of the Volunteer role you would like to fill.

Thank you!

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