Hey Folks,

What is Citizens for Living Liberty United (CLLU) all about anyway? At first it may seem complex, but in reality it’s very simple:

We’re here to serve the Constitutional Freedom and Liberty Groups by taking ACTION and providing resources whenever possible, and to encourage UNITY between ALL of the separate Freedom and Liberty groups of Indiana in order to overcome the current disregard for our Sovereignty and Liberties by the political/economic System.

We have a lot of new Members now because we just started our individual County CLLU groups in Indiana. It may be helpful if I lay out the “structure” of how we are currently operating:

Living Liberty United, Inc.: LLU is an incorporated not-for-profit Organization, with a Board of Directors and a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is comprised of Freedom/Liberty Group Leaders (of other groups) who are grass-roots oriented and who are mostly based in Indiana. Leaders, Founders, and Primary Admins of such Groups are encouraged to join the Steering Committee. It is YOU who will guide how LLU operates in the State of Indiana. LLU is NOT currently a PAC (Political Action Committee), and as such will not participate in the promotion of any political party or the campaign of any political candidate. Neither is the focus of LLU on any one issue, such as 2A, anti-abortion, anti-vaccination, masks, Agenda 21, the School system, or contact tracing, etc. Rather, the focus of LLU is on the main problem causing ALL of these issues: The System. In other words, “masks” are not the problem. The problem is the System and that the System wants to oppose the will of the System on We the People. What kind of support can LLU provide? We can bring lawsuits at a much lower cost to individuals whose rights have been violated, we can provide a sound system, canopy, podium and other items for your protest or rally, or we can provide administrative assistance for the events and/or causes of your Freedom/Liberty Group.

Citizens for Living Liberty United: CLLU on Facebook was formed shortly after the declaration of this year’s first COVID-based Executive Orders that required businesses to shut down, imposed travel restrictions, and initiated the “new normal” of social distancing without following Constitutional imperatives that would require that such restrictions be established first by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana. CLLU began as one main Group, but following the establishment of additional mandates and restrictions on our Freedom, it became clear that what was needed was a State-wide network of County groups, one for each County. The reason is that We the People need to first take back the control of our Local governments and administrations if we are to be successful at the State level.

(Your) County Citizens for Living Liberty: Each County CLL Group will be there as a support mechanism for the purposes of the Freedom and Liberty Groups of Indiana. For example, if the Board of Health of a certain County is imposing unconstitutional restrictions on its people and/or businesses and/or schools, and a certain Freedom/Liberty Group wants to take preventative action but they only have 5 or 10 people in that County, then that is where the County Citizens for Living Liberty group would assist to bring Members of ALL of the groups with a presence in that County together for protests, rallies, legal action, etc. One thing is certain: there’s strength in numbers!

Bottom Line, there is no longer an organized, well-regulated Militia in the State of Indiana, and so our Constitution has lost the “teeth” with which to impose the will of the people upon our government and its elected “public servants.” LLU, CLLU, and County CLLs will work to gather the efforts of ALL of the Constitutional Freedom and Liberty Groups into a massive force of Liberty-loving Citizens so as to give some Teeth back to We the People with which to impose our will upon our various political administrations (the “System”).

Folks, the idea is that the System does not fear a group of 2,000 or 4,000 people who are spread out around the State. They simply pose no real threat to an administration. In a State with about 2 or 3 million voters, a few thousand voters really have no impact (in the minds of the System).

However, what if we combine the efforts of 20 or 30 such groups? In the first case, with a couple thousand, the Governor or a Senator will not even take your call. Instead you’ll get a response from a staffer saying, “The Governor thanks you for your call, and it is important to him. Unfortunately, he’s too busy for you.” But if one of the Leaders of a combined group of 200,000 or 500,000 Citizen Voters calls, the Governor will not only take the call, but he’ll likely buy your lunch (on OUR tax dollars).

Living Liberty United currently has a website, www.livinglibertyunited.org , which is currently being re-built as www.cllu.org (though it IS currently active – it’s just being vastly improved!) where everyone is encouraged to become a Member. There is no charge, however there is the opportunity to make very helpful contributions if you so desire. Currently you may use PayPal or snail mail for your contributions. There is also Membership sign-up and a mission statement and a few other amenities. The NEW site, which will be up soon, will have “all the bells and whistles” and will be a valuable resource for Groups and Individuals alike.

Living Liberty United also has a PUBLIC Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/LivingLibertyUnited/ Since it is Public, you can submit posts here that can be shared to other pages or groups. Citizens for Living Liberty United Main Group page is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/552843398767265/ . The main group page is a PRIVATE page, as are (or should be) the individual County group pages, and so while you may submit posts, once they are posted they cannot easily be shared. This is for your protection. Each County Group is named “(Your) County Citizens for Living Liberty,” and these also are Private pages for your protection.

There are 9 Regions for the Facebook County groups, according to the 9 Congressional Districts in Indiana, and there are Regional Group Leaders for each Region. The Regional Group Leaders recruit and train the Admins for each separate County Group. For example, the Hamilton County CLLU Group is named “Hamilton County Citizens for Living Liberty.” It is in the 5th Congressional District, and so it is in Region 5 of Indiana. The FB Group Page is Hamilton County Citizens for Living Liberty and is located at https://www.facebook.com/groups/316573616419022/ . I am currently the Regional Admin for the Hamilton County Group and Region 5, but I’m looking for someone to pick up that role for me. I’m busy!

There you have it, the basic purpose and structure of Living Liberty United (LLU), Citizens for Living Liberty United (CLLU), and the County Citizens for Living Liberty groups.

After this explanation, if you still wonder why we’re here, and why you’re here, simply remember this: It’s all in the name! We are Citizens who want to Live Liberty, and to do so we MUST get United and stay United!