Every new Member should be encouraged to sign up on the LLU website at and to sign up to contribute $10/mth or whatever they can afford! We do understand that some people just don’t have $10 a month to give. Without funding, it’s next to impossible to get the things done that we need to do! And it’s ESSENTIAL that everyone at least joins the website, otherwise if our Facebook groups are sabotaged or shut down then we won’t be able to contact everyone and get them back on board. This is CRUCIAL! Thanks!

CLLU County Group Start-Up List

Folks, in order to succeed, we all need to work together in an organized and coordinated manner. Yes, each County CLL group is independent – it was designed that way specifically to give each group its own autonomy in selecting its preferred candidates. However, to succeed, all groups should utilize similar methodology.

So, here are some guidelines that will allow every group to become effective with their local governments as quickly as possible:

  1. Select a County Group Leader – If you don’t have one appointed by myself or your Regional Group Leader, then select a County Group Leader to serve as the main communicator between your Group and your Regional Group Leader and/or  myself.
  2. County Group Leader MUST select a record-keeper/secretary/clerk – This is very important, that you have someone committed to keeping good records of EVERYTHING that goes on with your group. This person should start an Excel file of: 1) Every group Member and their phone number, email, county and town/city of residence, house district, senate district, and zip code. This is HUGE, and must be done periodically and accurately by a committed person. We need to be able to communicate effectively. 2) The “clerk” should also keep an ongoing record of EVERY elected person in your County, their office, who they represent and where (district, etc). 3) The clerk should also keep a record of every meeting, event, rally, etc, and should keep it electronically so that records can be shared to the Regional County Group Leader and to me.
  3. Form a 2-3 person Event Committee: This committee will be responsible for planning and organizing every meeting and event that your County Group has, whether weekly or monthly or a special event such as a Rally. NOTE: AS SOON AS ANY GROUP REACHES 100 MEMBERS, THEY SHOULD ORGANIZE A MEET AND GREET EVENT SO THAT MYSELF OR ANOTHER PERSON SUCH AS THE DIRECTOR OF COUNTY GROUP DEVELOPMENT OR REGIONAL GROUP LEADER MAY VISIT AND HELP TO KICK-START THE GROUP INTO ACTION! This committee will choose the time and place and will make any special arrangements. They will also contact EACH County Member to ask them for their participation and (if they can afford it) their monthly contribution to Living Liberty United. After time, if there are Members that never participate, your Group may wish to consider having them removed from the group – these are people who have joined but who never contribute of their time or resources. They are simply wasting your time (when you try over and over to involve them) so they should be removed so that we don’t continue to try to involve them. Remember that some people do not have the time to be involved so they are contributing financially, and some people contribute their time because they cannot afford to contribute monetarily. 
  4. Form your Watchdog Teams – There should be a 2-3 person Watchdog Team for EVERY elected official in your County, and each particular Team should be constituents of the elected person they are watching. For example, if there is a Team assigned to “State Rep Smith,” then ALL of the Team Members for Rep Smith should live in that Representative’s district. This is highly important as we move forward in holding these elected folks accountable. And each Team will not only watch – they will also be the contact Team for calling and visiting that particular elected public servant.
  5. Membership Team – VERY IMPORTANT! This Team needs to be “on it”. This Team will use our methods to drive up Membership of your County Group. They will regularly post an advertisement for your County group in the County chats and chatters, City and Town chats and chatters, local buy and sell groups, County Republican and Libertarian groups, etc. They should work closely with the Group Clerk to ensure that every new Member has been contacted for their location and contact information and that these have been recorded in the Membership Excel Spreadsheet for your County. Please remember that our goal is to have 1,000+ Members in every County by the end of 2021, and 5,000 Members in every County by the end of 2023. This is crucial – we need numbers of participating Members to win our fight!
  6. News Team – There should be one Team of 2-3 persons who watch ALL the local County news for such things as ordinances, mandates, violations of our Freedom and Liberty, etc, and informs the County Leader daily about issues in your County that we need to address.
  7. Website Team – I am currently working on a way for each County to have its own website, complete with a discussion page and news page, for your County to be able to stay up to date on all County matters. This Website Team will work closely with the News Team for news and with the Clerk to make sure that all County Members have access to the information on the website.

Folks, all of these Teams should be formed asap. Please let me know as you get these Teams in place so that I can help you with how to go about wrapping the Chains of the Constitution around our elected servants.


Tim Dyer