County Group Leaders and Membership Committees, here is a very easy way to grow your County Group Membership. Simply join your local County, City, and Town chat and chatter groups, buy and sell / garage sale groups, republican and libertarian (and other third party) groups, and any other patriot/freedom/liberty group in your County, and then copy and past the introduction below along with a link to your County CLL Group page, and watch your numbers grow. This should be done regularly, about once a week on each different page (because of FB algorithms) so that we can have more Members in each County to help us to preserve Liberty! And remember to friend and invite all new Members to participate in your County meetings and activities!


Hey Folks,

Citizens for Living Liberty United is a quickly growing State-wide, non-partisan, not for profit organization with a group in every Indiana County. If you are interested in protecting your rights and you want to be free to live your life as our State and our National Constitutions describe, and if you are interested in participating in the preservation of our Liberties and our Constitutional Republic by holding our elected officials accountable, then we may be the group for you! We have started a  group in this County, so feel free to join and become a part of the group whose goal it is to take action and make a difference!

(Place your County Group link HERE on each post you make.)