This page is for information regarding upcoming Bills that may be presented in the January 2021 Legislative Session of the Indiana General Assembly.

We want to be prepared by January 4, 2021 to support or oppose Bills by having sufficient information so that we can approach our local State Reps and State Senators and pressure them (if they need it) to do our will. We need to help them to remember that, by our electing them, they become our servants, and not our masters.

Popular (amongst ourselves) Bill topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Remove the power of the Governor to impose any Executive Order without proper authorization from the General Assembly and reverse or end any current Executive Order that imposes on the Liberty of the people of Indiana and/or their businesses
  • A potential Bill which makes it illegal for any elected official, administration, bureaucracy, or business to impose vaccinations of any type on any unwilling person or their dependents or their business through mandate, order, law, or social pressuring
  • A “Right to Life” bill which protects an unborn human from death or destruction or deprivation of life in any manner or form or by any procedure which may deprive it, in its defenseless state, from life, giving the human it’s rightful status of “human” from the moment of conception. Includes a rejection of the Roe vs Wade decision on Constitutional and moral, and not religious, grounds.
  • A “Small Farm Producer” bill which allows small Farmers to be competitive without interference by the USDA or FDA or local ordinance by giving them the ability to sell their products with a very short list of qualifiers for the purpose of food safety including the necessity to attend and complete classes for certification by a non-government organization or agency
  • A “Right to Visitation Bill” which prevents Nursing homes from denying visitation with family members and makes the Nursing Homes respect Powers of Attorney of family members
  • Medical freedom bills of varying content
  • And potentially more as we get closer to January….


The Way This Works

We will post information about bills (good and bad) here as it is supplied to us. YOUR job will be to 1) contact your County Citizens for Living Liberty group and become a Member of the Team that is addressing your District State Rep and/or Senator. If there is not yet a Team for this in your County group, you should start one! 2) Start posting about the bills in your County CLL group, reminding them that their support is needed. 3) Make an appointment for your constituent Team of 2 or 3 people to visit your Rep and/or Senator and then when you visit them, tell them which bills you want for them to support and which bills you want for them to oppose. 4) Following the meeting, ask for all the constituents in your County group to email and call the Rep and the Senator in support of the same bills. If you don’t know who your Rep and Senator are, use this link: 

Here is the link for finding what bills are currently in the legislative process and all the current information about each bill:

Here is the link for finding which Senators or Representatives are on the Committees that are making decisions about each bill:



The Protection from Conception Bill 

Indiana House Bill 1430, introduced in the 2019 Legislative Session by State Representative Curt Nisly, sadly did not make it to Committee. With our help, that can change! This does not need to be a religious issue – it is definitely a human moral issue, in a society where fish eggs and duck eggs have more protection than a developing human being.


Small Farm Producers Right to Sell Bill

Protect Indiana’s Food Supply Through Scale Appropriate Provisions

Has been turned in by State Representative Curt Nisly as a Draft Bill request for January 2021 Session.


Worker Protection Act

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty has submitted this Bill for draft “to prohibit an employer from taking an adverse employment action against a person who has not been or will not be vaccinated.”