At times, it is very useful to send emails or make phone calls to our Lawmakers in the Indiana House of Representatives or in the Indiana Senate.

But many times, the BEST thing to do is to send a formal letter. This provides both a written and electronic copy of your request that will be difficult for the Lawmaker to “dodge” later!

The best thing to do when sending the letter is to first contact the Legislative Assistant of the Lawmaker you wish to address. Ask the Legislative Assistant for their help as to where to send the letter and to which parties it should be addressed (even do this if you already know! You are giving the Assistant recognition in doing so!)


Most times you can find the Legislative Assistant’s contact information on the Lawmaker’s page at one of the following:

Republican Senators:

Democrat Senators:

Republican Representatives:

Democrat Representatives:

Find your Legislator (You must provide your home address):


Once you find and contact the Legislative Assistant for instructions, then FOLLOW the instructions! Believe me, it will help to make a friend of the Legislative Assistants!


Here is an example of how your Letter should be written. Remember that it should not be in the BODY of the email. The email should only say, “Thank you for your help! Please see the attached letter.” The letter itself should be attached to the email:.



(Your County Group Logo if Available)



From: (Your Name and the Name of your County Group)

To: (Senator or Representative Name of Committee Chairman or Author or Committee Member)

Re: (House Bill # or Senate Bill #)

Cc: (Name of others copied including Legislative Assistant)


Dear (same name as “To”),


I (or We) am/are writing to you to please pass (or not pass) (HB# or SB#) for the following reasons:

  • ………………….
  • ………………….
  • ………………….
  • ………………….


I (We) ask that you give your most fervent attention to our wishes, and reply to us with your acknowledgement or with your Lawful reasons as to why you believe that you can not fulfill our submitted request. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.


Thank you,

(Signed Name)

(Printed Name)

(Name of County Group)

(email address)




Once your letter is completed, checked for grammar, and spell-checked, send it according to the instructions of the Legislative Assistant!