We the People of Indiana are in serious trouble. We need to take back our Freedom and our State.

The Preamble to the Constitution states the “We the People” did establish and ordain the Constitution of the United States. This means that We the People are responsible for what happens here.

ALL of the Constitution Loving Freedom and Liberty Groups and people need to UNITE to form a formidable partnership and friendship for the purpose of getting the State of Indiana back under the lawful control of We the People.

Over time, we have allowed our Government to get out of the control of We the People who authorized its existence. Frankly, that’s OUR fault, We the People, over time, have dropped the ball – and so we have to fix it.

How do we fix it? It can be done by all the Freedom and Liberty and Patriot Groups getting together and accumulating enough numbers to make life VERY uncomfortable for our servants, our elected officials, and by forcing them to make the policy changes, through Law,  that WE the PEOPLE want to see. We must bind them with the Chains of the Constitution! And, if they won’t listen (as exemplified throughout the 2021 Legislative Session of the Indiana General Assembly) then we must replace those elected Representatives and Senators through due process.

We All need to set aside our egos and UNITE. We need to set aside our  personal vendettas and UNITE. We need to discard our animosities and UNITE. We need to UNITE to put the Citizens of the State of Indiana back in charge and back in control of our Liberties.

Governor Holcomb’s Executive Orders and “mandates” are a SYMPTOM of things gone wrong with the SYSTEM. Masks are a SYMPTOM of things gone wrong with the SYSTEM. The Elderly dying in nursing homes because of lack of visitation, lack of advocacy, and lack of proper care are  a SYMPTOM. Our Schools are not teaching the Constitution to our children; instead, they are teaching radical Marxism through their SEL programs. Small Business Owners losing their hard-earned businesses are a SYMPTOM. “Vaccination Passports” are a symptom. Social pressuring is a symptom.

We the People need to address the CAUSE of the symptoms, namely, that our government is out of our control and in the control of people who are opposed to or unaware of the very foundations upon which this Country, this Nation of States, was built.

We need to begin by voting out the vast majority of our Representatives and Senators in the Indiana General Assembly. Only by having a majority of Representatives and Senators in the General Assembly doing OUR will and voting OUR way can this System in Indiana be overcome and repaired. We also need to immediately replace many, if not most, of our School Board members.

Living Liberty United is dedicated to this, and more. We’re not here to “lead” all the Indiana Freedom and Liberty Groups! We’re here to support, equip, educate, administrate, network, communicate…anything that we can do to serve our fellow Citizens and their groups in bringing us all together for one purpose. One thing is certain: If we do not unite, we and our children will never taste our intended freedom and liberty again.

The bottom line? LLU is here to UNITE all Freedom and Liberty Groups and people together, so that we can serve to make the State of Indiana a Constitutional State, a protector of the idea that we are here to “form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,”