How Do We Fix This Mess? Or Can We?

Liberty, and the people who wish to live with it, have a serious dilemma. We know that. The prevailing question, then, is: How do we restore the Liberty that our Republic was based upon in the beginning?

First, we need to look at how we lost it to begin with. Then perhaps we can find the road back.

We know the old saying: When all else fails, return to the instruction manual. Have we been following the instructions that were laid down by the Founders?

It has been said that when the Founders came out of the original Constitutional Convention, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin the question, “What have you given us, sir?” Reportedly, his answer was, “A Republic – if YOU can keep it.” This made it clear that it would be up to US to “keep the Republic.” So, where have we gone wrong?

First, let’s address “voting.” The majority of us, over the years, have been foolish to think of voting as a “right” or as a “responsibility.” This has put our focus in entirely the wrong place. Our focus should be on who WE select to run for office, on their record, on their background, on their sense of honor and responsibility, and on their reluctance to be in a position whereby they represent us. Instead, we wait to see who has decided to run for office (on their own), who has the biggest war chest, who has the best adds, or who has the most winning quips. By adhering to this ideology, we’ve been steadfastly supporting people who are seeking power. Not a good idea.

Instead, we should be selecting people who don’t want to hold office or wield “power.” Do we see why we should be doing this, though? It is because people who want to wield power will eventually want to wield it over US.

For the last 150 years (at least), we’ve for the most part just been voting for people who are seeking power. And what is at the root of power these days? Money and selfish ambition. Bad combination, Folks, especially when it is supposed to be US who hold the power over THEM.

How do we change this? First, we need to cease doing things the way we’ve been doing things. We need to start selecting our candidates based on their humility, their honor, and their integrity, and then we need to fully support these humble people on their road to becoming our representatives.

Ok, so this still begs the question, How do we do it? The answer is simple, but making it happen is difficult because of our own self-restraints and reluctance.

So, here’s how, in three simple steps: 1) We build our numbers, 2) We organize, and, 3) We raise the necessary funding – together.

The application of this simple formula is more difficult, because we must all re-learn unselfishness and unlearn self-righteousness. We need to lose our egos. And then once our “cup is empty,” we need to re-fill it with good knowledge, understanding, and cooperation. This small paragraph reflects why we have been largely unsuccessful in maintaining our stewardship and our Liberty. Please don’t be angry – instead, let’s examine ourselves and our predicament to see if there is a grain of truth in what’s written above.

So, let’s also examine some facts:

  • There are sufficient numbers of us – if we coordinate, organize, and plan TOGETHER to accomplish a short list of common goals
  • We need to make the Plan, and the goals, simple but strong, so as to be understood by everyone
  • We need to start meeting together, in person using local groups, and quit ranting on the computer. Yes, use the computer for daily sharing of information, but not necessarily always on social media. Instead, reduce our use of social media to that of using it as a recruiting and educational tool – to win people to our cause. To succeed in this, we must:
  • Form local groups who meet regularly at a common venue with the purpose of educating ourselves and finding common ground, and then planning and, most importantly, carrying out those plans

Now, what should be those common goals? I would suggest that there is but one common goal (for now), with a few sub-goals to help us get there. These goals should be those that ALL the various types of groups can agree upon. We have many types of groups in the “liberty movement,” such as medical freedom, pro-life, 2nd Amendment, and voters’ rights. What can we all agree on? There is but one main goal that is the center of our attention:

Bring back the control of the State of Indiana to the free people of Indiana.

And in reality, there is but one road that is Constitutional and possible for us to achieve without chaos and bloodshed.

In short, we need to put our own people into office in the Indiana General Assembly. And as we follow that road, we need to do the same with the County Commissioners, Judges, Mayors, Sheriffs, and, importantly, the School Boards.

Simple goals and a simple Plan…

So, how do we bring back the control of the State of Indiana to the free people of Indiana? Well, first, we need to take up the responsibility that goes with being free. We have to take part and contribute on a regular basis, or we lose. So, here’s how we do this:

  • Form and organize County groups: Fortunately, Citizens for Living Liberty United is already doing this. Just look for your County group on Facebook and join. Then, once you’ve joined the group, go to the Living Liberty United website and join there as well. This way, you can still be found if Facebook shuts down the groups. Then, take part and get organized.
  • To organize, we must know what is our purpose for organizing. The first purpose is to learn about your local politics. Who are your State Rep, State Senator, County Commissioner, County Judges, Sheriff, Mayors, and elected School Board people? Yes, even the County Coroner! Appoint a Secretary for your group. Have the Secretary start recording the information you give to them about your elected representatives. What is their party? How do they vote? Do they answer your phone calls? Will they see you if you ask for an appointment? It is their elected JOB to represent you, and to represent you, they need to listen to you. If they avoid listening to you, they need to be replaced. Period.
  • We won’t be here to just collect information. We also need to be prepared to use the information we collect. When we find an elected official who won’t listen, we need to mark that person down for replacement and then we need to find a replacement and recruit that replacement to run for that office, and we need to back that replacement with our efforts and funding.
  • We need to watch what bills are going to be presented in the General Assembly. We need to watch these carefully, because these bills may become LAW! We need to inform our State Rep and State Senator of our support or opposition to each bill. In this case, it would be best to have a “watchdog team” from your County group for each Rep and for each Senator. These teams would communicate regularly with the Rep or Senator, and would be watchdogs over whatever these elected lawmakers are doing. If a bill is coming up that we oppose, it is our responsibility to inform the Rep and Senator that we oppose the bill, and why we oppose it – in writing. And, we need to win their commitment to voting the way that WE want them to vote. Petitions from the County group will help with this, but make sure to get at least 500 signers. This is where the rest of the group comes in. It shouldn’t be up to the Teams to get the petition signatures – they already have a job. Instead, Group Members need to go out and get the signatures in a timely manner.
  • Other Teams would be for the Mayors, Judges, and School Boards, etc. Always be sure that the Teams assigned to any particular office holder are constituents of that office holder. Keep in mind the borders of the various districts, townships, and precincts. Make sure that Members of your group become precinct committee members, to keep an eye on what they do. If the County groups have their various Teams, then no one person will need to volunteer an extraordinary amount of their time.
  • Who takes care of keeping the records of the group Secretaries, and the various office holders and bills, and the contact information of group members, and voting records, and of who is incumbent and who will be running, and all the other information? That’s at least one full-time job! And most people don’t have enough time to volunteer that much time, right? This is why a central administrative organization is necessary. A paid staff who not only keep the records, but also inform the groups of upcoming bills and other events that will affect their lives, and which also lobbies for and against bills at the Statehouse, and maintains communication with all of the 92 County groups, and conducts the necessary networking. This is where Living Liberty United, Inc. comes in. To pay for this support (because an office and a few full-time positions will be required), the most honest and equal way is for each Member to make a small monthly contribution to cover the expenses of an office and a relatively small staff and expenses.
  • This is the way that our Constitutions (Indiana and U.S.) define the way in which we must keep our elected officials in check. There is no other way aside of revolution and bloodshed. We the People must do our volunteer jobs with commitment in order to curb, and then prevent, tyranny. And yes, it is tyranny when our government starts to give us orders. In a Constitutional Republic, it is the function of the Citizens to give the orders to our government, and not the other way around.

This Can Happen Quickly If We Start ACTING NOW

Please allow me to make something perfectly clear: We can do this, successfully, if we ALL WORK TOGETHER with COMMITMENT and RESOLVE. Otherwise, we forever lose the Liberty that our Founding Fathers fought and died to buy for us.

“Our fathers have earned and bought it for us, at the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasure, and their blood.”

We’re not yet at the point where our blood or anyone else’s blood is necessary. But if we continue to wait on unicorn farts to save us, then it may well come to that point, and soon.

However, at this point, since we have given up much of our Liberty and our roles, it will require that we give of our comfort (ease), our money (estates), and our time (pleasure) if we are to succeed at winning it back and keeping it.

For those of you that have been suggesting that it is time to take up arms, please note the following: It may well be a good idea to prepare as a PART of the Plan to take back our State. It won’t hurt to have our efforts backed by ORGANIZED and WELL REGULATED “muscle.” But restraint will be required. “Never desire to go to war, but always be prepared for it.” Bloodletting against our fellow Citizens should always be the last resort, always! Please consider the suggestion, and the reality, that it is not yet time for such a consequence. We have not yet nearly exhausted the means that are Constitutionally and lawfully available to us.

In the same manner, it may be that “rallies” and “protests” are also not useful if not included as a functional part of the overall Plan. In other words, timing is everything. Is there a bill coming to the General Assembly that the people of Liberty support? Then YES, have a rally in conjunction with the day that the bill is presented. Is there a bill coming to the floor that we the people of Liberty do not want to be passed? Then, yes, hold a protest AFTER the County Teams have approached their Lawmakers with petitions. To do these things helter-skelter will accomplish little, as we have seen. Also, would you rather have 200 people or 10,000 people at your rally or protest? This is where the coordination of efforts comes in with good effect.

The key to all this is that we must ALL contribute of our time, skills, and money, we must be organized and we must be coordinated in our efforts. The enemy System has big contributors, they are organized, and their efforts are very coordinated. We don’t want to show up to fight their “big guns” with sticks and stones. Not smart. And in the past, we haven’t been contributing, or organized, or coordinated, or smart. We’ve simply been “reacting” with our emotions, so we’ve been easily played by a crony system and their bureaucratic administrations and their media allies.

In closing, Citizens for Living Liberty United has already started to successfully organize exactly as stated above. There are 92 Indiana County Citizens for Living Liberty groups on Facebook. They are growing, and they are getting organized. However, they can’t accomplish their goals together without coordination. And the coordination aspect requires an administration supported by contributions from all of us.

We’ve done the math. If each person begins today by contributing $10.00/mth on a recurring monthly basis, then Living Liberty United, Inc. will be sufficiently funded to carry out its part of coordinating the efforts of the 92 County groups as well as the efforts of all of the participating Liberty groups of Indiana. We can contribute while we are here on this website. We really don’t have much time to raise the necessary funding – we are losing ground daily and we have many critical battles to fight.

We’ve already started enrolling many Members, but for this strategy to be effective, we need the cooperation and contributions of thousands who are committed and engaged. As our numbers grow and we have more contributing Members, then each Member will need to contribute less each month. We currently have enough Members to be fully funded at $10.00 per Member per month, if ALL the Members make this small contribution. I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to stop giving my money to Netflix in order to win back our Freedom. Why are we supporting the movie industry anyway? They are a big part of the Socialist Crony system that is attempting to engulf us! And they do their part to keep us occupied and distracted and misinformed. Give me Liberty, and I can do without Hollywood on a daily basis.

Yes, we do understand that there are those on a very limited income who simply cannot afford to contribute each month. For those Folks, no problem! Get involved in another way, like emailing your Reps and Senators or monitoring the news for information that you can forward to your County group Leaders, or calling Member phone lists. But everyone can, and should, play a part if we are to regain and keep our Freedom and our Constitutional Liberties and our State.

Your Liberty is in your hands. We’ve all seen a lot of people crying out and complaining, but how many of us are actually contributing of our time, our efforts, and our resources to be a vital part of a coordinated and organized effort?

The choice is up to us. We can wait for unicorn farts to deliver us, or we can get truly involved. Our Liberty is only as strong as the effort we put into defending it, and that, my friends, is Truth.





Fundraising Challenges for Non-Profits

Or, “Where does the money go?”

By Tim Dyer

Despite our best efforts and the generosity of many Members of Citizens for Living Liberty United, one of the biggest challenges we have faced is that of raising sufficient funds with which to operate a legitimate organization. So, as the Executive Director of Living Liberty United, Inc., since fundraising is one of my major responsibilities (it’s in my job description!), I have been doing a lot of homework and a lot of thinking and searching. I’d like to share with you something that I came across today:

“Grant-giving organizations won’t fund a nonprofit that they don’t think will last. Show them yours is here to stay with solid backing from non-grant sources as well. As a rule of thumb, fundraising experts recommend around 20% of your total funding to be grant-based— with the majority coming from other fundraising sources. For example, implementing a free online donations platform lets anyone give to your nonprofit, whether they’re from a grant-providing institution or not.”

So, where should we find the sources for our funding?

  • Non-Grant Sources: This should include Member contributions, online fundraisers, fundraising special events, major donors, and sales (books, T-shirts, coffee mugs, caps)


There is actually a big difference between “Member contributions” and “online fundraisers.” Member contributions would be the regular $10 or $20 or $50, etc. that a Member commits to giving monthly. This is actually the life-blood of an organization. It allows the organization to survive by “paying the monthly bills.” Online fundraisers should only be either a continuous fundraising tool that is accessible online for non-Members or for Members who choose to give once in a while, or a once-or-twice a year fundraiser to bring in a large amount of “bonus cash” that can be utilized to develop expansion or new services or a one-time necessary purchase. Fundraiser monies can also go into a “general fund” and collect interest for future projects.

“Fundraising Special Events” would be something like a once a year “Gala” that would attract “deeper-pocket contributors.” An investment would be required (such as from the earlier mentioned general fund) to finance the Gala with an expected return so as to replace the funds which were used and also add more “padding” to the general fund. Such “Galas” usually will have a VIP speaker (who must be paid), as this Speaker would attract the “deeper pockets.” It would also need to be in a “nice setting” with a very good menu. This is an “investment approach” to fundraising that is normally quite successful – anything less than $150,000 raised at such an event is considered a failure – even with a $100,000 gain! The “bad news” is that to hold such an event can cost $50,000 up-front for the venue, the food and drinks, and the VIP Speaker upon which the Event depends for its draw of deep pocketed benefactors. The good news is that these monies collected from such an event can greatly benefit the expansion and influence of the organization. Also, such events can bring in “regular major contributors” who in the future give regularly to the organization if they really like what they see.

The sale of goods on the website also requires an investment. Someone needs to be paid to produce the items being sold, and then there are the shipping charges, etc. Also, return on investment will likely take some time, as the organization will not regain its investment in the products until a substantial amount of product has been sold. In the end, the organization would need to have really good sales for the money gained to account for more than 5-10% of annual resources.

So, according to research, 80% of necessary funding needs to come from a combination of the various methods listed above. Those entities which decide to honor a grant will likely want to see the books to evaluate whether our organization has other established forms of contribution before deciding to give grant money. This approach makes sense. Grant givers don’t want to throw large chunks of money away. And, according to the research that I read, Grants come after an organization has established itself well enough to have 80% of its annual needs met.

Start-ups are the most difficult time for most organizations. One exception is, for example, when somebody’s rich Auntie wants to see her wayward nephew respectfully employed, and so provides the up-front money, plus the “connections,” to see that her nephew succeeds in his endeavor lest the family name be sullied. Another exception is when a corporation wants to establish an organization as a “tax write-off.” You get the picture….

For many organizations, though, the start-up time is the most difficult, and also the most prone to failure for lack of funding, or for bad management, or for some unforeseen calamity.

Why is this? It is because many organizations are reliant of the “OPM” factor; they rely almost completely on Other Peoples’ Money to succeed. They must convince other people that contributing to their organization is “worth it.” This may require time, and not having timely funding is likely the number 1 “killer” of any organization.

So, to illustrate, let’s look at the math:

  • Given that Grant money is practically unattainable by a startup organization, and that it must have both time in existence and 80% of its funding secured before receiving the 20% in grant monies, we should likely set that 20% aside for now as unobtainable (for the present) for the  organization. But after a good solid year or two in existence and having built up the other 80% of its necessary operating capital, the 20% can be relied upon at that time for future projects, like the planned Living Liberty United Library, or the establishment of an additional regional LLU office in northern or southern Indiana, or maybe the purchase of a Living Liberty United campground for our Members to utilize. Future projects are what grants are best utilized for, and not for immediate requirements.
  • So, it’s the 80% that needs to be broken down, and it is what operating expenses and current projects should be based upon. Since capital is required for selling products online and for having a Gala Fundraising Event, then for now, let’s knock off another 30% to account for those two fundraising methods which will need to come later.
  • This leaves us at 50%, which must account for monthly/annual operating expenses and for building capital for having the online sales and Gala Events after time allows accumulation of the necessary funds.

So, does a nonprofit organization begin by operating at 50% of projected funding? Well, yes. Here’s some numbers for example. We will compare necessary annual funding to annual “wish list” funding:

                                          Necessary                                 Wish List, year 2

Office w/utilities             $ 17,000                                     18,500

Salaries                            150,000                                  200,000

Equipment/Supplies            25,000                                     6,000

Insurance/WC/Travel           30,000                                    45,000

“Grant” money for needy      20,000                                   40,,000  

Total                                    $242,000                                 $309,500

Store/Gala Fund                    50,000                                      50,000   

Total                                     $292,000                                 $359,500

Year 1 Gala Contr.                                                                -150,000

Year 1 Store Profit 10%         _______                                      -6500   

Year Raised Budget             $292,000                                $202,500

Grants                                                                                     -40,000



Ok, the chart above is basic, and a few items are estimated, but research tells us that the figures are sufficiently close for our purposes here. So, following will be a “line by line” breakdown of these figures with explanations of each.


An office from which to operate is essential. There will be a lot of balls in the air moving forward. Lobbying, County Groups, lawsuits, legislation lobbying, charitable giving, phone calls, record keeping, on-site secure IT, and Team collaboration are all essentials for a nonprofit incorporated organization of our State-wide scale to survive.  If anyone says otherwise then they are fooling both themselves and you. Also, the utilities (Electric, water, phone, internet) are necessary. A reasonable, not fancy office in downtown Indianapolis with sufficient space will potentially cost $1200/mth  plus utilities and other fees that landlords charge, such as trash disposal, common area cleaning, etc. So, an estimated $17,000 for the first year.

Salaries – The salaries are based on the hiring of a “skeleton staff,” being only what is necessary to make an office function appropriately. 

Equipment/Supplies: Many of you know, a bare office is barely functional, right? Desks, tables, chairs, pens, copy supplies, copy machine (possibly leased), toner, etc, etc, etc…. Did you notice that column 2 is only $6,000 here? Remember that we already bought most of the big stuff, so all we need now in year 2 is papers, pens, pencils, copy paper, toner, and everyday use stuff like toilet paper!

Insurance, Workers Comp, and Travel Expenses: All of these “HR Items” are essential for running any business, including nonprofit organizations!

“Grant” Money for those in need: A thing that is very close to my heart is that when we see someone in true need, that we be able to lend a helping hand to that person. Yes, there will be requirements set by the board, but Jesus would be really ticked off if we didn’t include this, right? And besides, why are we doing this if we can’t help people?

Now, look closely at the next line, the Store/Gala fund. Yes, about $4500/mth would be going into this fund. Why? Well, look at column 2! If we do this in the first year, then in the second year we can have a store and a Gala…and our budget goes down, despite the fact that we added another salary and higher expenses. It works like this: After a year, we’ll be making waves, and people will notice (we already ARE making waves and people ARE already noticing!) So, we use $50,000 to have a Gala. We pay a really good speaker $20-25,000, and we use the rest to wine and dine as many deep pockets as we can accommodate with the other $25-30,000. We’re talking Ruths Chris or St. Elmos here, Folks! And we’re talking as speaker someone like Rand Paul or Kristi Noem! Mr. Irsey would show up for that, right? So, if our source is correct (you know who you are!), and as far as we know he always is correct, we would reap a minimum of $150,000 in contributions, which would net us at least $100,000. Guess what? Your “Membership dues” just went down, or less contributions would be necessary. Also, now that we’re popular, our online store would start up with the other $20,000, and we would begin to realize the tax-free profits for the organization. Add to that the realization that the organization is now eligible for 20% of its contributions to be in the form of grants, and now you can see that it actually costs 25% less to operate, despite the added positions and increases and events.

I’m hoping that you are beginning to see how this works if you haven’t been involved deeply with a nonprofit organization start-up before now. So, let’s round things out to “real” numbers, ok?

With a first-year budget of $292,000, or $24,335/mth, we would be fully funded. This means that we need only 2,434 Members contributing $10/mth. And this is without the grants, Galas, and online sales. 

So, let’s ask the next question: Are this many Members available? Well, yes there are! The main CLLU group has about 2,000. We have many County groups with hundreds of other Members in each group. Plus, there are all the other freedom and liberty groups that we work with. This is absolutely do-able at a very low monthly expenditure per Member.

What do we get for our money, you ask? Well, have you been watching? We’re currently spreading throughout the Counties of Indiana so that we can take back our local governments. That alone is worth at least $10 a month. And who is competing with us? Nobody. Nobody else is doing what we are doing. LLU is the first and only to be doing this in our State and perhaps in the Country. But let’s not stop there! You will have a watchdog at the Statehouse, with a Team examining every Bill that comes to the floor and sending the alarm out State-wide when we see a bad Bill coming down the pike. Still not enough?  What else do you “get” for your $10/mth? You get data (via your County CLLU website) on the people running for office in your area, and our support to help you elect them or defeat them. What else do you get? Did you lose your job unfairly or due to a government edict? We will grant you money to help through the hard times (if it hasn’t been all used up helping other people). And if it’s been used up, then we’ll do a fundraiser for you.

Do you see that the $10/mth is not for US, the organization? It’s for you! It’s your “government overreach program.” And there is so much more to it, there’s not room or time today to detail it all. Basically, if it is Patriot related and Liberty related, we’ll be here to help.

So, what has Living Liberty United accomplished so far?

  • Citizens for Living Liberty United has helped to form and facilitate a Facebook County Citizens for Living Liberty group in each of Indiana’s 92 Counties – and these groups are growing as you read this. Several already have hundreds of Members. The groups will be watchdogs and activists in their relative Counties to get the County local governments as well as State Reps and Senators back under the control of We the People. It’s imperative that you become a Member at the Living Liberty United website…what if Facebook shuts down all the conservative Liberty groups? How do we find each other again? It could take years…unless you’re a Member.
  • Living Liberty United Members raised $5775 to help Yergy’s BBQ in their fight against the Wells County Health Department and the State of Indiana.
  • LLU has established a website that contains tools and information vital for taking back our State. Under “Our Weapons,” for example, are maps, the U.S. Constitution, the Indiana Constitution, and links for finding information about elected officials and about candidates. There are also blogs authored by Tim Dyer, Andrew Horning, and Mark Rutherford, as well as podcasts by Rob Kendall concerning political matters.
  • With Member contributions, Living Liberty United purchased a sound system for the use of any Freedom/Liberty/Constitution group in Indiana, to use at their events, rallies, and protests for NO Charge. This sound system has been utilized many times by several Patriot groups, thus saving them the expense of renting or buying a sound system for their event.
  • LLU has a digital projector that it will lend to Liberty groups to use at their events.
  • Living Liberty United has put together a Think Tank named (for now) the Indiana Action Coalition. This Think Tank is comprised of many of the best Liberty Minds in the State of Indiana. For now, their names will be held in confidence, but you would recognize the names if you heard them. The group examines what is happening and decides upon solutions for addressing the various situations, and then these suggestions are taken to the Board of Living Liberty United (and to other large groups) for the suggested appropriate actions.
  • Living Liberty United has provided a platform for many different candidates of various parties (we are non-partisan…we look for the best people to represent us, not the best “party”) to be able to share their views with other Hoosiers. The County groups, independent of Living Liberty United but united in their efforts with LLU, helped to get several Liberty candidates elected in the 2020 elections.
  • LLU has reached out to the independent County Citizens for Living Liberty groups to offer classes on the “History of How We Got Here” so that people who have been deprived of a correct education in the State-run school system can learn true History instead of revisionist History, and thus will know “who they are fighting against.” The classes will begin as soon as December 2020.

And this is just part of the beginning. If we don’t stand together with our resources and fight this mess, we lose our posterity, our future, and that of our kids..

Is it worth $10 a month per Member? And, if we don’t contribute, what happens? Well, LLU goes away. That simple.




The Direction and Scope of Living Liberty United

By Tim Dyer


There have been many questions asked about Living Liberty United (the organization) and Citizens for Living Liberty United (the Facebook group) and the affiliated county Citizens for Living Liberty (Facebook groups in each Indiana County).

What are we doing? What is the funding for? What are the guarantees that my money will be utilized the way that I want? What is the accountability? Why are Living Liberty United (LLU) and Citizens for Living Liberty United (CLLU) necessary? How can I become involved?

I hope to answer many of your questions here, but first I will share a little history.

I was an independent contractor. On March 18, 2020, I was gearing up for a start to my busy season. On March 6, Governor Holcomb had released his first COVID Executive Order. Between March 6 and March 23, the Governor issued 7 Executive Orders pertaining to COVID, all without consulting the Indiana General Assembly. My work relied on being assigned jobs from two main sources. On March 18, things looked promising for a good start to the season. On March 23, that all went down the toilet. The Governor had declared Executive Order 20-08 in which he decided who and what was “essential” for living, and my type of work was not considered to be “essential.” I was not alone by any means.

The resulting “culture shock” was immediate. We were ordered to stay home, to not travel, to not work (if you were considered to be “non-essential”) and to not visit our loved ones, even if they were in nursing homes. It was, I knew, too much. Due process wasn’t followed and the rhetoric was unsubstantiated.

I started to research the COVID19 phenomenon immediately. And I studied the Executive Orders, which I quickly determined to be at the least un-Constitutional, and likely, unlawful. I was incensed. I couldn’t work, I couldn’t get a job, and I couldn’t support my family of four and pay my bills. I filed for the promised unemployment for independent contractors, and was repeatedly delayed and denied by Indiana Workforce Development, though I clearly qualified. (I still have never received the first promised stimulus check.) It was clear that the infrastructure was not equipped or prepared to back up its promises.

Then, on April 16, I saw for the first time that a protest had been organized to happen at the Governor’s Mansion in Indianapolis on April 18. I could not attend as I already had plans for that day. But I found the Facebook group for Stop Government Overreach in Indiana that had been organized by Andy Lyons. I joined the group and started to write and post. The posts were very well received, and as a result I was invited by Rose Anna to speak at the next protest that another group, Hoosiers United for Liberty, was conducting at the Indiana Statehouse.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that this fledgling movement against the unconstitutional overreach of government needed to be organized. History had taught us that dis-organized movements could accomplish very little.

So, with some encouragement from (especially) two protest organizers the Facebook group “Citizens for Living Liberty UNITED” was conceived and born, with the purpose of becoming a registered organization for the purpose of unifying all the groups with the same goal of putting an end to unconstitutional government activities, beginning with our own State of Indiana.

Now you may be asking, “What qualifies him to be able to do this?”

The quick, short history is that I had been studying the breakdown of our society since 1985. I then became involved with the small group in Boston that, with their “Boston Tea Party,” had been largely responsible for starting the “Tea Party” movement right after 9/11 (the destruction of the Towers in New York City.) At that point, I had been consumed with studying government, economics, and religion and social movements in my quest to understand truth for about twenty more years. Study had shown to me that the United States was no longer operating as originally designed and that we had lost or were in the process of losing many of our guaranteed rights.

I began to travel and give lectures to groups of “new patriots” so as to educate them about the Constitution, the Federal Reserve System (it is not Federal and there is no reserve), and the Council on Foreign Relations (our “real government”.) Upon finding the Campaign for Liberty, it didn’t take long for me to become heavily involved in the Ron Paul campaign (which is another completely different story!) And, subsequently, when the movement to oust Senator Richard Lugar arrived, it was a natural fit for me to supply research for Hoosiers for a Conservative Senate to utilize in its goal of removing Lugar from office.

During this time, it had become apparent that the Liberty and Freedom movement needed more organization, and I was constantly promoting the idea that all the groups of the movement (The Tea Party, We the People, the Tea Party Patriots, etc) needed to come together and join forces if we were to be able to defeat the encroachment of unconstitutional behavior in our government.

Bottom line, they didn’t come together and the entire movement faded. We didn’t even hear about “the Tea Party” in the 2016 election cycle. (That, also, is “another story.”)

It would take too long to describe all the particulars, however, it was apparent from past history that an organized movement would need to be non-partisan and non-religious. “Freedom and Liberty for ALL” would need to be our grounding philosophy. Religions and Parties tend to cause division, and we need to be united in our purpose. Our guiding principle should be adherence to the Constitution and Constitutional Law as was originally intended by the founding fathers. “When all else fails, return to the instruction manual.”

When Citizens for Living Liberty United was conceived, and then Living Liberty United, Inc., they were built upon about 40 years of study and more than 15 years of “in the field training and observation.” Bottom line, many separate small groups can not accomplish nearly as much as one large group of people who are united in purpose.

Yes, it’s good to have many separate groups! Some groups concentrate on health issues, some groups on political issues, some groups on economic issues, some on religious issues, etc. It’s all good – but more so when the groups can come together, act together, combine resources together, and vote together on three or four key issues, such as:

  • Individual Liberty
  • Smaller government (with We the People calling the shots)
  • Less and lower taxation
  • A return to Constitutional Law as opposed to “case law.”

Let’s just call these four things “ISLA,” like an “island” where we can all go and hang out and agree and act together! Yes, there are many “other issues,” however, most of these issues will fall into one of the four categories listed above.

The Structure and Purposes of the Living Liberty United “Tree”:

Citizens for Living Liberty United (CLLU):

CLLU was first formed as a Facebook group in May of 2020 in response to the need for a unified effort to fight unconstitutional government and government agency practices. While there are numerous Freedom and Liberty groups in Indiana, it was believed that it would be helpful to have a centralized effort to bring all of the core principles of all of the groups together so as to have a larger force with which to fight for Liberty and fight against government overreach peacefully and lawfully. For example, there are anti-school overreach groups, anti-vaccination groups, anti-abortion groups, anti-mask groups, pro religious freedom groups, pro-parental rights groups,  and pro-gun groups, etc, but all of these groups have the same  central principles  – individual liberty, freedom, and moral / constitutional justice. Within 2 months CLLU grew to about 1700 Members, and it was decided to launch the County CLL groups on Facebook.

(Your) County Citizens for Living Liberty:

The County CLL Facebook groups were launched for the express purpose of having “feet on the ground” in every Indiana County. Currently, there are 92 Counties with their own CLL Facebook group. The State of Indiana is divided into 9 CLL “regions” based on the Counties within the approximate borders of the 9 Congressional Districts. These groups will begin by learning their local political dynamics. Often we disregard many of the “lesser” political offices such as County Clerk, County Commissioner, County Judges, County Sheriff, School Board, etc. This should not be. There is as much at stake with our local elected offices as there is in our State-level offices. We need to investigate EVERY elected official in our Counties and hold them accountable with our vote, or by replacing them if they are not a constituent-centered patriot. But we often don’t even know their names, let alone how they vote and what they vote for. The County CLL groups will also be keeping a sharp eye on their local State Senators and State Representatives. If their Senator or Representative is not a patriot, then the County groups will have the responsibility to find a replacement for said elected official and replace them as soon as possible. Of course, if an official proves through their vote and by the Bills that they support that they are a patriot, then we need to support them and advance them if possible! Our County groups should also develop and support people to apply for being a delegate for any given party’s election process!

Importantly, the County CLL groups will also support the efforts of other Liberty groups in their County or adjoining Counties with fundraisers, rallies, protests, and Court cases.

Living Liberty United, Inc.:

LLU, Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated organization in the State of Indiana. Simply put, LLU is the “action arm” of the LLU tree. It is the hub of all of the LLU and CLLU (Citizens for Living Liberty United) satellites. LLU has a Board of Directors, a Steering Committee, a website (, a consulting Attorney, and fundraising mechanisms. We will support court cases against unconstitutional practices, lobby for bills with the Indiana General assembly, and educate our Members on how to take local and state-wide action when needed. LLU, by design, is not a “PAC” (Political Action Committee). As such, LLU will not, financially or otherwise, openly support any political party or political candidate. LLU determines policy for the CLLU main group and the numerous CLL (Citizens for Living Liberty) county groups of Indiana. LLU is designed to serve, equip, and assist ALL of the Indiana Freedom Liberty, and Constitution groups without being the “overlord” of all of these groups. Each of these other groups will maintain their own causes and individuality. However, LLU will stand with them in their Constitutional causes for Freedom and Liberty.

LLU, Inc. is growing quickly and as so will need to have a staff to run the organization, just as any valid, large, and growing organization requires a staff to maintain records, communication, and resources. Some people have been reluctant to acknowledge that an organization with a paid staff is necessary. Let’s think about that. Does the DNC have a staff? Does the RNC have a staff? Does the ACLU have a staff? LLU is actually doing in Indiana what all three of these organizations are doing. If the people who believe in Freedom and Liberty do not have a visible, lasting, established, and valid organization to carry on the causes of Liberty in a centralized manner, then we will NEVER gain any significant and lasting victories against an encroached System of bureaucracies and affiliates. We NEED our own network if we are to succeed!

The vision of LLU, Inc. is to (hopefully very soon) have a central office and staff. The initial staff will consist of a Director, Administrator, IT Administrator, Grant Writer, Staff Attorney, and Administrative Assistant. With salaries, office expenses, operating expenses, and contributions to legal fees, the annual budget to be fully-funded will be approximately $550,000 to start the first year. Now, don’t freak out yet! We are hoping to, very soon, involve the above-mentioned Grant Writer as well as a professional fundraiser to bring in the “big dollars.” Also, as we establish ourselves and gain some victories, it is our hope to attract the attention of some “deeper pockets” who believe in our cause and are willing to contribute. We hope, if the funds can be raised to do so, to have a kick-off fundraising event for such contributors at the end of this year. This start-up period completely relies on your contributions of money and time to make this happen.

That, however, is the short-term goal.

We hope, within a year, to establish an excellent library and bookstore at the central office with all the necessary books and electronic archives that are necessary for the study of government, history, and economics, and including a Law Library. This will require time and eventually the hire of a qualified Librarian to stock and maintain the Library. Have you ever been to the IU Law Library? Kinda like that! Our Citizens have been extremely under-educated about the workings of government. We hope to provide a resource to correct some of that problem.

Ok, how about the Mid-term goal?

As explained above, CLLU has been divided into nine “regions” according to the approximate boundaries of the nine Indiana Congressional Districts. We hope one day, before too long, to have a LLU office for each of these regions. This will be crucial for uniformity and for keeping all of the Counties within any given Region equipped with all they need to continue to work together to keep our State government in check. LLU currently has a website,, which is being built to accommodate all of the learning and action needs of all of the County groups. (Check out the “Our Weapons” section of our website!)  We hope to fulfill this goal within a year after LLU is “fully funded” with at least 5 years of promised funding contributions.

Once these things are accomplished, LLU hopes to acquire a full-service facility (similar to a large recreational campground) where we can establish schooling for both kids and adults (homeschooling parents who are Members of LLU will be able to utilize the facilities), an improved library, a setting for conventions and rallies and annual meetings, and simple things like get-aways for our Member families in a natural, park-like setting. (I previously managed a 350-acre full-service camp so, yes, I do know what is involved!)

Long Term?

Once LLU, CLLU, and the County CLL groups are fully established and operating, and most or all of the goals for the Indiana LLU and affiliates has been accomplished, we will examine going into other States and establishing an LLU in each of those States. We will have “learned our lessons,” and we will have experienced people to assist the other States in setting up their own LLU Tree.

Well, now you know. If I failed to answer your questions, please PM me and I’ll edit this to include an answer. Please keep in mind that currently I don’t “have all the answers.” I’ll learn more, and know more, as we achieve each goal. For now, we’re a quickly-growing Indiana organization that has the real potential of bringing the power back to We the People of Indiana.